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1. Toto: Toto

Toto: Toto Brilliant debut album from Toto with many top rock songs. "Hold The Line" remains a classic of all time.

2. Dire Straits: Dire Straits

Dire Straits: Dire Straits First album from Dire Straits in an era where the focus was on punk and other styles. This band, however, was totally un-trendy and very different..."Sultans Of Swing".

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3. Billy Joel: 52nd Street

Billy Joel: 52nd Street Another album with Joel's fine ability to write great personal songs.

4. Kraftwerk: The Man Machine

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine The electronic era was really pushing forward at this time and Kraftwerk were among the Godfathers of it all.

5. Joe Walsh: But Seriously, Folks!

Joe Walsh: But Seriously, Folks! Crazy man Walsh from The Eagles used the break from the band to turn out a very fine solo effort, containing the hit "Life's Been Good".

6. Thin Lizzy: Live & Dangerous

Thin Lizzy: Live & Dangerous This album gathers all the great rockers and energy of Thin Lizzy on stage and blasts it through your speakers. Great live album!

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7. The Police: Outlandos D'Amour

The Police: Outlandos D'Amour The Police arrives and brings with them a new style of pop, rock and reggae. Along came also a girl named "Roxanne"...

8. Abba: The Album

Abba: The Album This album sees Abba really finding their true path and on the virge of total success and mayhem...

9. Rod Stewart: Blondes Have More Fun

Rod Stewart: Blondes Have More Fun Was Rod Stewart sexy...? Well, he sure did sell a lot of records with this album filled with rock with a blues edge...

10. Gerry Rafferty: City To City

Gerry Rafferty: City To City "Baker Street" is a classic and this is the album that went along with it.

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