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1. Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd: The Wall The talent of Pink Floyd reached its peaks with this album.

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2. Supertramp: Breakfast In America

Supertramp: Breakfast In America One of the best albums of the decade and Supertramp's best, this album has all the good things that characterized the band.

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3. Thin Lizzy: Black Rose

Thin Lizzy: Black Rose A very "open" and fairly commercial album with many straightforward rock songs. Also contains the brilliant "Got To Give It Up".

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4. Dire Straits: Communiqué

Dire Straits: Communiqué Dire Straits' most subtle release without too much fuzz. Like "Brothers In Arms" it rests in itself and doesn't try to oversell the many fine songs on the album.

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5. Roxy Music: Manifesto

Roxy Music: Manifesto This album marked the era were Roxy Music were most successful. Their funky and chique style had really found its audience.

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6. The Cure: Boys Don't Cry

The Cure: Boys Don't Cry A very light and straightforward early album from The Cure. Doesn't have any of the dark and melancholic stuff but is still pretty enjoyable.

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7. Michael Jackson: Off The Wall

Michael Jackson: Off The Wall A very fine album laying the bricks for what was to come with "Thriller" three years later.

8.  The Eagles: The Long Run

The Eagles: The Long Run Last studio album from The Eagles and an album filled with all kinds of opposites. Contains several brilliant songs, though, but the band was growing tired...

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9. Toto: Hydra

Toto: Hydra Second album from Toto and the band is slowly developing their sound. Not as strong as the debut, though...

10. The Police: Regatta De Blanc

The Police: Regatta De Blanc The Police keep on working on their sound and, even though still intact, the reggae influence is joined by new inspiration.

Albums that also made an impact:
David Bowie: Lodger
Simple Minds: Life In A Day

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