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1. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold

Dire Straits: Love Over Gold A legendary effort from Dire Straits. Their best ever.

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2. Ultravox: Quartet

Ultravox: Quartet Third album in the Ultravox trilogy of the early 80's (the others being "Vienna" and "Rage In Eden"), this album is probably the best Ultravox album ever.     

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3. Roxy Music: Avalon

Roxy Music: Avalon Last studio album from Roxy Music and one of their most popular. Songs like "Avalon" and "More Than This" secure a place in the charts.

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Duran Duran: Rio

Duran Duran: Rio After a promising debut in 1981, Duran Duran returned with a very strong and well-crafted package, opening up for the big success.

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5. The Cure: Pornography

The Cure: Pornography The Cure changes style in a substancial manner and becomes a much darker and complex outfit.

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6. Simple Minds: New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)

Simple Minds: New Gold Dream Simple Minds are finding the style that made them so big in the 80's. An album filled with the energy of a curious new young band.

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7. Supertramp: ...Famous Last Words

Supertramp: Famous Last Words "It's Raining Again" was the hit from this album - the last with Roger Hodgson in the group. The album contains the usual high Supertramp standard song-wise.

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8. Michael Jackson: Thriller

Michael Jackson: Thriller Michael Jackson's legendary hit album where almost every song was a huge hit at one time or another.

9. Talk Talk: The Party's Over

Talk Talk: The Party's Over The debut album from Talk Talk revealing a very synth oriented side of the band. With a strong melodic base, this remains an overlooked but crucial album in the synth wave of the early '80's.

10. Depeche Mode: A Broken Frame

Depeche Mode: A Broken Frame Second album from Depeche Mode and already a departure towards the more serious and dark compared to the debut.

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Albums that also made an impact:

Toto: IV

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