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1. Nik Kershaw: Human Racing

Nik Kershaw: Human Racing What a debut! A pop album filled with great songs. So much more than just another pop album - and "Wouldn't It Be Good" still sends shivers down my spine.

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2. Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again

Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again Depeche Mode growing up and finding their true sound. Also marked tbe beginning of the biggest periode success-wise for the band.

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3. Duran Duran: Seven And The Ragged Tiger

Duran Duran: Seven And The Ragged Tiger At this point, Duran Duran are riding on a wave of popularity. Fortunately, they still find time to squeeze out some fine music.

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4. Genesis: Genesis

Genesis: Genesis After the departure of Peter Gabriel, Genesis are really starting to find their form with Phil Collins as lead singer. "Mama" is a classic.

5. U2: War

U2: War U2 on the path to major success. A band that has both the critics and the audience on their side. Could it go wrong...?

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6. Paul Young: No Parlez

Paul Young: No Parlez Debut album from Paul Young and filled with fine souly pop songs. The best album he ever made.

7. The The: Soul Mining

The The: Soul Mining ...Along comes a band that makes pop music but with so much spiritual edge and opinion that the wide audience  doesn't know how to deal with them. Success must wait...
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8. The Police: Synchronicity

The Police: Synchronicity Last album from The Police but still with the band on a creative high. "Every Breath You Take" was the flagship here.

9. Men At Work: Cargo

Men At Work: Cargo The success from "Business As Usual" continues with better songs and a much better production.

10. Tears For Fears: The Hurting

Tears For Fears: The Hurting A young TFF still finding themselves on their debut album. However, it was obvious that something was in store...

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