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1. U2: Achtung Baby

achtung.jpg (7286 bytes) One of the best re-inventions of a band ever!

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2. Mylène Farmer: L'Autre

farmer.jpg (3432 bytes) Fantastic atmospheric French pop music.

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3. Enigma: MCMXC a.D.

enigma.jpg (3114 bytes) They opened the world's eyes to the whole instrumental, moody and ambient music scene. Already a classic.

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4. Lloyd Cole: Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe

cole.jpg (4122 bytes) The high point of Cole's career so far. Great songs and great instrumentation.

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5. Nirvana: Nevermind

nirvana.jpg (3331 bytes) Needs no further introduction. The album of grunge...

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6. Seal: Seal

Seal: Seal 1 "Crazy" was one of the best singles of the ´90's and Seal's debut album continues this style. A must in any collection.

7. Simple Minds: Real Life

Simple Minds: Real Life A very underrated album this one. I haven't seen a single great review of it, but I simply love it.

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8. Marc Cohn: Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn: Marc Cohn The debut album from very fine singer-songwriter rock artist Marc Cohn. "Walking In Memphis" is a classic - even before Cher destroyed it.

9. Dire Straits: On Every Street

Dire Straits: On Every Street Any Dire Straits album is worth noticing. This was the follow-up to "Brothers In Arms" - a tough job. But it contains quality enough to not let you down.

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10. Electronic: Electronic

Electronic: Electronic This album marks the beginning of the new era of electronic music. Combining ex-New Order and ex-Smiths people couldn't go wrong.

Albums that also made an impact:
Richie Sambora: Stranger In This Town
Bonnie Raitt: Luck Of The Draw
Genesis: We Can't Dance

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