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1. Suede: Coming Up

comingup.jpg (5873 bytes) The singles album from Suede. Contains perfect pop music of a kind they'll probably not be able to pull off once more...

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2. Better Than Ezra: Friction, Baby

ezra.jpg (4301 bytes) If you're into Live, you'll love this album. Filled with energy and great songs.

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3. Sheryl Crow: Sheryl Crow

crow2.jpg (3468 bytes) Second album from Sheryl Crow. Much more edge which really suits her music.

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4. Booth & The Bad Angel: Booth & The Bad Angel

Booth And The Bad Angel Very interesting duo: Tim Booth from James and the Twin Peaks composter Angelo Badalamenti. Together they make very atmospheric pop music with substance.
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5. George Michael: Older

George Michael: Older An album so well produced that it's hard to put a finger on it. It shows that George Michael has opened his life to the world.

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6. R.E.M.: New Adventures In Hi-Fi

adventures.jpg (7000 bytes) A very mature album from one of rock's greatest. R.E.M. reached another level after they released "Automatic For The People".

7. Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X

sneaker.jpg (7446 bytes) A moody trip hot and dance cocktail. A shame that the lead singer has left the band. Her voice is needed to create the special atmosphere of this fine debut album.

8. Fiona Apple: Tidal

Fiona Apple: Tidal Debut album from Fiona Apple. She's only in her early twenties but sounds like she's forty. Brilliant stuff!

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9. Neneh Cherry: Man

Neneh Cherry: Man Very mature album from Neneh Cherry. A more open and atmospheric sound has replaced the hip hop attitude - much to my liking.

10. Faithless: Reverence

Faithless: Reverence One of the best dance albums of the 90's. Faithless found their own formula and set new standards for the creation of dance...

Albums that also made an impact:
Pulp: Different Class

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