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1. The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore

The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore Best album so far from the Pumpkins. The more mature sound fits right into my musical universe...

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2. Garbage: Version 2.0

Garbage: Version 2.0 Their debut was brilliant and this one is possibly even better. Their way of mixing rock guitars and samplers is unique and an influence to many...

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3. Air: Moon Safari

Air: Moon Safari Ambient electronica with an impressive combination of instrumental moods and soft pop music.

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4. The Watchmen: Silent Radar

The Watchmen: Silent Radar Traditional rock done with so much class that you regain some of the hope and optimism when it comes to the future of rock.

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5. Madonna: Ray Of Light

Madonna: Ray Of Light Brilliant re-invention of a career that was already outstanding. Like good wine, Madonna just keeps getting better.

6. Better Than Ezra: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Better Than Ezra: How Does Your Garden Grow? Third album from New Orleans based BTE. The music has been polished a bit compared to the previous Friction Baby, and the U2 inspiration stays intact.

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7. R.E.M.: Up

R.E.M.: Up R.E.M. how I like them: laid back, quiet and substantial. An album you'll never grow tired of.

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8. Lenny Kravitz: 5

Lenny Kravitz: 5 Just when the Lenny Kravitz formula seemed a bit worn and used, he goes releasing an album filled with material so strong that we'll have to keep the faith a little bit longer...

9. Transister: Transister

Transister: Transister This album landed in my collection sort of by chance. It takes the best from Garbage and Mono and mixes it into a very fine debut album. This band should have more attention!

10. Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions

Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions A good album - but her third best. She can still turn out great songs, but I miss the edge of her second album - an edge that makes her stand out.

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Albums that also made an impact:
Headswim: Despite Yourself
Hole: Celebrity Skin
The Cardigans: Gran Turismo
Liz Phair: Whitechocolatespaceegg

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