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1. Garbage: Beautiful Garbage

Garbage: Beautiful Garbage A very fine return from a great rock band with their most diverse album so far. The mystique and atmosphere, however, are intact.

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2. Semisonic: All About Chemistry

Semisonic: All About Chemistry One of the great surprises of the year, this album totally disarms you with one rock song of pure melodic genius after another.

3. The Strokes: Is This It

The Strokes: Is This It By far the most over-hyped band of the year. However, there was no cooler and sexier rock album all year and in many ways the hype was justified.

4. R.E.M.: Reveal

R.E.M.: Reveal R.E.M. have found their true selves and developed it even further on their last couple of album. This one is yet another important step forward.

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5. Travis: The Invisible Band

Travis: The Invisible Band The album that really established Travis among the really big acts, especially in the UK. The world will discover this album a little later on if there's any justice...

6. James: Pleased To Meet You

James: Pleased To Meet You James are not really chart potential any more and their sales figures are also not really cool. The band and their music, however, remains as cool as ever and one of the world's best kept secrets....
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7. Eskobar: There's Only Now

Eskobar: There's Only Now Completely mesmerizing music from Swedish atmosphere masters' second album. The duet with Heather Nova "Someone New" may just be the best song of 2001.

8. Sing-Sing: The Joy Of Sing-Sing

Sing-Sing: The Joy Of Sing-Sing Former Lush member Emma Anderson teams up with Lisa O'Neill and creates another batch of brilliant airy indie pop songs.

9. Natalie Imbruglia: White Lilies Island

Natalie Imbruglia: White Lilies Island This album took a lot of beating among the critics and even though it may not be as "Indie" as her first, it still contains a lot of fine tunes...

10. Lambretta: Lambretta

Lambretta: Lambretta Great second album from Swedish trash poppers lending heavily from Garbage. The song "Bimbo" was aired during the Super Bowl final, probably earning them a few new listeners...

Albums that also made an impact:
Depeche Mode: Exiter
Faithless: Outrospective
Fragma: Toca
No Doubt: Rock Steady
Prefab Sprout: The Gunman And Other Stories
Röyksopp: Melody A.M.
Train: Drops Of Jupiter
Suzanne Vega: Songs In Red And Gray

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