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1. R.E.M.: Around The Sun

R.E.M.: Around The Sun A much underrated album filled with mature and vocal driven mid-tempo gems. Has many of the same qualities as "Automatic For The People".

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2. George Michael: Patience

George Michael: Patience Whenever he returns with an album, George Michael tends to show the rest of them how it's done - effortless! Fine, stately pop music.

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3. Keane: Hopes And Fears

Keane: Hopes And Fears The inspiration from Coldplay may be fairly obvious but this is much lighter and instantly appealing. The melodies are out of this world and will just keep growing on you. Who'd have thought that an album with no guitars could sound so good?

4. Air: Talkie Walkie

Air: Talkie Walkie Air return to a music style and quality resembling their debut "Moon Safari". This treads the waters between pop music and chill out very delicately and is a strong return to form!

5. Blue Foundation: Sweep Of Days

Blue Foundation: Sweep Of Days This hybrid of people from Denmark, the UK and Japan contains all kinds of musical styles, wrapped in an intelligent pop formula. Quite simply a stunning album!

6. U2: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

U2: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Another solid effort from Bono and the Boys. A bit more rocking but otherwise U2 as we know - and love - them.

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7. Duran Duran: Astronaut

Duran Duran: Astronaut Much awaited return album from the original five members. The album manages to sound very much like the 80's, but in an updated 2004 way. Great album with the occasional miss...
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8. Phoenix: Alphabetical

Phoenix: Alphabetical French hybrid-fusion pop with a jam feel to it. Basically just a lot of fun with a fine touch of melody and melancholy. A very unpretentious album where the music does all the talking...

9. Lambchop: Aw C'mon No You C'mon

Lambchop: Aw C'mon No You C'mon Double album packed with quirky singer-songwriter pop filled with immense atmosphere. The album plays like one long soundtrack to low light tea or wine drinking.

10. Jem: Finally Woken

Jem: Finally Woken Best female debut for ages! This is simply an irresistible mix of great melodies, gentle beats and the occasional brilliant guitar hook. This is indie Dido with much more longevity.

Albums that also made an impact:

Tim Booth: Bone
The Charlatans: Up At The Lake
Eskobar: A Thousand Last Chances
Faithless: No Roots
Kings Of Convenience: Riot On An Empty Street
Planet Funk: Non Zero Sumness
Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters
Snow Patrol: Final Straw
Gwen Stefani: Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Zero 7: When It Falls

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