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Out Of The Cradle

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Track List:

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  1. Instrumental Introduction To:
  2. Don't Look Down
  3. Wrong
  4. Countdown
  5. All My Sorrows
  6. Soul Drifter
  7. Instrumental Introduction To:
  8. This Is The Time
  9. You Do Or You Don't
  10. Street Of Dreams
  11. Spoken Introduction To:
  12. Surrender The Rain
  13. Doing What I Can
  14. Turn It On
  15. This Nearly Was Mine
  16. Say We'll Meet Again

Album Information:

Genre: Adult Oriented Rock.
Produced By:
Lindsey Buckingham & Richard Dashut.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

Most people are probably not familiar with the work of Lindsey Buckingham. But when the name Fleetwood Mac comes up, the situation is quite different. Buckingham is another one of those artists where his role in a world famous band totally overshadows his solo career. And mostly, I also prefer Buckingham when he's with Fleetwood Mac. This album is an exception, though. Really well-produced and stuffed with great songs (where most could have been done by Fleetwood Mac), the album is a trip around the mature world of a man who's experienced the music biz and learned from his mistakes. In a very relaxing way, this album just creeps up on you and the beautiful soundscapes make it impossible not to like this album. The only danger in the album probably lies in the fact that it's so well-produced that some people might get bored underway. I sometimes do when I listen to music that's just too nice and neat. But, this album is not one of those since the sincerity behind it is much too strong to overlook it. If it helps me stating my case, the album also received great reviews.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10):8

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