Concept And Idea

Before you start exploring this website, it's relevant to just tell you a little bit about why I made this site and what I hope to achieve with it.

First of all, this website is entirely subjective. This means that I have created the album and artist lists on the basis of my own opinions and views only. Of course, I have been influenced by the world around me such as friends and media, but anything you read about an artist here will mostly be pretty subjective.......However, I do base my knowledge on a pretty large (around 2500 dear pieces of plastic) CD collection and fairly good insight into the music scene.

In addition to the various lists on the site you'll also find my personal opinion about stuff that happens in the music business in the form of a current Hotlist as well as a bunch of useful links to the best music sites on the web.

Therefore, I hope you'll get something out of visiting the site. I made it to pay tribute to my favourite albums and artists, and maybe the site will inspire you to one or several of the following things:

  • Discover new artists and albums
  • Get inspired and find new life in some of the albums listed
  • Agree with me and send me cheerful acknowledgements
  • Totally disagree with me and let me know. Maybe you even have your own favourite list - or will get inspired to make one
  • I also sell cd's that have become obsolete in my collection for one reason or another. You may find a great bargain here.
  • Finally, this website could work well as a link between you and some of the web's best music sites and resources. Check out LeMec Music Portal.

For further site descriptions, please turn to the Visitor Guide.

is based on criteria such as musical greatness (obviously) and what I call emotional baggage. Very often an album means something to you because you have certain memories connected to it. This also plays a role in choosing your favourite albums. The album list doesn't contains any compilation/best-of albums since these are not unique releases with a certain personality. They are more or less made up of already released greatness.

The Contemporary Top 100 Album List

present the best ten albums from each year from 1970 and on. The albums are selected subjectively but they do represent what was more of less some of the most popular and interesting albums in the respective years.

The Year By Year Lists

is simply a selection of what I feel are my favourite artists of all time. As you will discover, the list does not include artists from before the 70's. This may be a great mistake, but for now these decades just don't turn me on enough to include Top 30 material. Anyway, I have selected the artists with the minimum requirement that they have released at least two albums. This is because I don't think you can judge an artist on a debut album alone. Many artists don't find themselves until their second or even third album (or they burn out after just one...). Other than this, the list is made up of artists that really mean something to me in one way or another. Some of the great and classic artists don't appear on the list. To find out why, try looking here.

The Top 30 Artist List

But - remember that favourite albums and artists never stay the same. They change according to the mood and personality of your life right now. Therefore, none of the lists are final in any way.

Anyway, without further ado I bid you welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay. And should you have a great idea on how to improve this website, please let me know.

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