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Sheryl Crow

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Track List:

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  1. Maybe Angels
  2. A Change
  3. Home
  4. Sweet Rosalyn
  5. If It Makes You Happy
  6. Redemption Day
  7. Hard To Make A Stand
  8. Everyday Is A Winding Road
  9. Love Is A Good Thing
  10. Oh Marie
  11. Superstar
  12. The Book
  13. Ordinary Morning
  14. Sad Sad World
  15. Hard To Make A Stand (Alternate Version)

Album Information:

Genre: Pop/Rock/Singer-Songwriter.
Produced By:
Sheryl Crow.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

After a long period on the Runners Up List, I finally decided to promote this album to the Top 50 List on behalf of the debut album "Tuesday Night Music Club". The debut will always be something special as it was the start of it all, but her second album just has a little more edge. It may not have the blockbuster hit like "All I Wanna Do" but as a whole the album stands stronger. Also, the less smoothe sound really suits Sheryl Crow's music and renders it a little more dangerous. Favourites on this album are songs like "Home" and "If It Makes You Happy" but the album as a whole is very homogenic. So every song has its own strong life. And the album doesn't have less interesting songs like "The Na-Na Song" from her first. Sheryl Crow's latest effort "The Globe Sessions" comes in somewhere between the two first albums and mainly reaffirms her status as one of the best within her area. This is the European version of the album which contains two more songs than the US version.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10):8

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