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Deacon Blue

Comments about Deacon Blue:

Deacon Blue are no longer together. But those of you who know them will probably agree with me that they left behind an outstanding production of fine, soulful pop music with a Scottish flavour. I guess they never really had true star potential but going through their albums reveals many small pearls that deserve to be noticed more than they did. So, if this has caught your attention, get a hold of their greatest hits album for starters, or go directly to "When The World Knows Your Name". Mind you, if you have any experience with the pub life, you may understand the music better...LATEST: Deacon Blue reformed in 2001.   Le mec

Deacon Blue Discography (official albums):

Raintown (1987)
Riches (1988)
When The World Knows Your Name (1989)
Four Bacharach And David Songs (1990)
Ooh Las Vegas (1990)
Fellow Hoodlums (1991)
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing (1993)
Our Town - The Greatest Hits (1994)
Best Of (2000)
Homesick (2001)

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