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Depeche Mode

Comments about Depeche Mode:

In spite of all the internal crises in the band, Depeche Mode have continued to develop themselves as a band from album to album. And the comeback album "Ultra" really shows a band that's far from dead. The Depeche Mode era was happening in the '80's, but almost twenty years after their first album they're still the masters in their field. A clear sign that pure quality and style never go out of fashion. The kings of synth pop - nothing less.   Le Mec

"Originally a product of Britain's new romantic movement, Depeche Mode went on to become the quintessential electro-pop band of the 1980s -  one of the first acts to establish a musical identity based completely around the use of synthesizers."   Jason Ankeny, All-Music Guide

Depeche Mode Discography (official albums):
Speak & Spell (1981)
A Broken Frame (1982)
Construction Time Again (1983)
Some Great Reward (1984)
The Singles Collection 81-85 (1985)
Black Celebration (1986)
Music For The Masses (1987)
101 (1989)
Violator (1990)
Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993)
Songs Of Faith And Devotion - Live (1993)
Ultra (1997)
The Singles 86-98 (1998)
Exciter (2001)
Remixes (2004)

Links to Depeche Mode:
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All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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