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Fredericks, Goldman, Jones

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  1. C'Est Pas D'L'Amour
  2. Vivre Cent Vies
  3. Né En 17 A Leidenstadt
  4. Un, Deux, Trois
  5. Nuit
  6. Je L'Aime Aussi
  7. Chanson D'Amour (...!)
  8. A Nos Actes Manqués
  9. Peurs
  10. Tu Manques

Album Information:

Genre: French Pop.
Produced By:
Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

I first started listening to French music in the early nineties. Since then, after several stays in France, I have come to really love certain elements in French music and especially a couple of French artists. Jean-Jacques Goldman is probably the one I treasure the most. If you consider him with an objective view, he's probably just another ordinary pop artist, but to me he's got a certain skill in his songwriting that I just love. Apart from being very French in his personality, his way of describing life and everything in it just takes me by storm. Listen to "Tu Manques", one of my favourite JJG songs, and you'll know what I mean. That is, if you speak French. Because having lived in the French culture is a big part of the reason why French music really appeals to me. If you don't understand the lyrics, you'll probably find it less interesting. But if you do, then check out Jean-Jacques Goldman and get a fresh scent of Paris and French culture straight into your living room. Goldman has released several albums after this one, but they haven't quite been able to capture the same emotion and greatness.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10):8

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