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  1. Left To My Own Devices
  2. I Want A Dog
  3. Domino Dancing
  4. I'm Not Scared
  5. Always On My Mind/In My House
  6. It's Alright

Album Information:

Genre: Pop with Dance elements.
Produced By:
Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Pet Shop Boys. Lewis A. Martinée, David Jacob, Julian Mendelsohn
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

In my view, Pet Shop Boys stand for some of the best pop music ever. Yes, yes, quite a statement, I know, but if you sift through their catalogue over the years (13 that is), it's amazing how many great singles they've released. And in my opinion, very often their albums contain songs that are much stronger than their singles. So if we're talking pop music, Pet Shop Boys are among my absolute favourites. "Introspective" is PSB when they give themselves the time to experiment with longer songs. Almost every song is over seven minutes long and really shows some of the best instrumentation PSB have produced to this date. Especially "Left To My Own Devices" and "I'm Not Scared" are frighteningly perfect pop music. In short, one of the best albums of the '80's.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10):9

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