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James have never been very big commercially, partly due to the fact that to the broad audience they are very unhip. There's not much stardom about them and the music tends to take more than a couple of listenings to sink in. But when it does, it's filled with both beauty and a twisted bittersweet feeling. Difficult to categorise, the music dates back to The Smiths and Simple Minds but also has some U2 in it - all filled with an unpretentious freshness you'll only find with bands like Del Amitri. Bands who know they are unhip and are totally at ease with it - because the songs are what matter!   Le Mec

James Discography (official albums):
Stutter (1986)
Strip-Mine (1988)
One Man Clapping (live) (1989)
Gold Mother (1990)
Seven (1992)
Laid (1993)
Wah Wah (1994)
Whiplash (1997)
Best Of (1998)
Millionaires (1999)
Pleased To Meet You (2001)
Ultra (B-Sides compilation) (2001)
Getting Away With It...Live (2002)

Tim Booth Solo:
ooth And The Bad Angel (1996)
Bone (2004)

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James official website
All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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