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Jean-Jacques Goldman

Comments about Jean-Jacques Goldman:

I'm very fascinated by France and French culture. And along with this comes an interest in French music. Now, France hasn't produced that many artists worth mentioning, but Jean-Jacques Goldman is one of the few. To me, listening to Goldman is like picturing the streets and atmosphere of Paris with a glass of red wine not too far away. He has that very French feeling about him that you don't really appreciate unless you've been there and tasted in yourself.   Le Mec

Jean-Jacques Goldman Discography (official albums):
Jean-Jacques Goldman (1981)
Quand La Musique Est Bonne (1982)
Positif (1984)
Non Homologué (1985)
En Public (Live) (1986)
Entre Gris Clair Et Gris Foncé (1987)
Traces (Live) (1989)
Singulier (Compilation) (1996)
En Passant (1997)
Chansons Pour Les Pieds (2001)

Fredericks, Goldman Jones:
Fredericks, Goldman, Jones (1990)
Sur Scène (Live) (1992)
Rouge (1993)
Du New Morning Au Zénith (1995)

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