On this page you will find all kinds of music links, very useful to any music lover. There's anything from great online music databases and news to some of the most prestigious music magazines plus a couple of music links to personal friends' music sites. And if you're into online music shopping, I have some of the most popular links too.

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The Ultimate Band List
The Ultimate Band List
A great music database with links to great artist websites and other web music resources. Also online music shopping.

Artist Direct
Artist Direct (same as UBL)
Sister site of UBL (see left)

All-Music Guide

All-Music Guide
Detailed information about almost any artist. Contains biography and discography and is beyond doubt the best of its kind.


New Musical Express
The world's oldest and biggest music paper online. Probably one of the best places online to stay updated on the music biz, especially if you're most interested in the British music scene.

Q Magazine
Q Magazine Online
The best British music magazine around. Great review section.


Billboard Online
Billboard Online
World famous chart information and music news.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Network
American Entertainment magazine online.

Imusic Newsagent
Imusic Newsagent
Online music newsagent, run by UBL. Compiles music news from many sources.
MTV Online
MTV Online
MTV in Cyberspace.


VH1 Online
American alternative to MTV.
Danish site for music and entertainment in general (in Danish).


Gaffa Online
Gaffa Online
Danish music magazine online (in Danish). Probably the only decent online alternative in Denmark when it comes to music journalism and reviews.


Danish music site aimed at DJ's but for most people (in Danish).

($) Online Music Shopping ($)


The best selling albums of all time (in the US)
Updated information on those big monster sellers.

For The Sake Of The Song
Tom Petty & Steve Earle info, web polls and other stuff.

Stig's subjective view on music. Contains album reviews among other things.

The Mike Horse Top 50 Album List
A friend of mine who has put together his version of the greatest 50 albums ever.

Morten Jordan's Top 50 Of Contemporary Music
Another friend's personal favourites. A tack more in the alternative department.

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