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  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. In Bloom
  3. Come As You Are
  4. Breed
  5. Lithium
  6. Polly
  7. Territorial Pissings
  8. Drain You
  9. Lounge Act
  10. Stay Away
  11. On A Plain
  12. Something In The Way
  13. Endless Nameless (Hidden Bonus Track)

Album Information:

Genre: Grunge/Alternative Rock.
Produced By:
Butch Vig & Nirvana.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

So much has been said about this album and Kurt Cobain in general that I couldn't possibly start making yet another tributing speech about it. As a band, I acknowledge what Nirvana have done for music, but I don't think they are all that special. They did "Nevermind" and then more or less went downhill from there. BUT - having done an album like "Nevermind" is also more than most people could ever dream about. It's filled with great rock (or if you insist, grunge) songs (and a couple of bummers) and from being just a great album it has slowly crept into my top 50. Even though "Smell Like Teen Spirit" is the song that really broke Nirvana, I think songs like "In Bloom", "Come As You Are" and "Lithium" are much better. But that says more about the superiority of those songs than it does about the smelly one. In conclusion, I have finally realised how great and important an album this is and hereby acknowledge that.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10): 8

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