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Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Album cover

Track List:

  1. The World Is My Oyster
  2. Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
  3. Relax
  4. War
  5. Two Tribes
  6. (Tag)
  7. Fury
  8. Born To Run
  9. San Jose
  10. Wish The Lads Were Here
  11. The Ballad Of 32
  12. Krisco Kisses
  13. Black Night White Light
  14. The Only Star In Heaven
  15. The Power Of Love
  16. Bang

Album Information:

Genre: Innovative pop.
Produced By:
Trevor Horn
Record Label:
ZTT Records

Why This Album Is So Great:

When Frankie arrived in 1984 they changed the rules and boundaries for pop music with just one album. Brilliant pop songs presented in a provoking light ensured them great recognition and huge success. Songs like "Relax", "War" and "Two Tribes" are the obvious classics on the album but my absolute favourite is the beautiful "The Power Of Love" which is one of the greatest ballads of the eighties. Even today, almost twenty years after, the album continues to sparkle and present interesting elements that have aged extremely well. A great pop songs never grows old and Frankie's debut album still manages to sound ever fresh and substancial. You should own it too!!

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10): 8

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