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Comments about Prefab Sprout:

It's hard to find more elegant pop music than Prefab Sprout. Never really having sold that many records, they consistantly put out one classy album after another. Romance being a key element in their sound and lyrics, Prefab Sprout have build their own universe and choose to nurture this instead of following whatever sound is popular at the moment. If you are into great pop music, there's absolutely no excuse for not owning at least a few of their albums. I wish more people did...    Le Mec

"Prefab Sprout has  garnered critical approval for its intelligent, quirky lyrics, jazzy pop often performed with synths and acoustic backing, and beautiful female harmony vocals."    Steve Huey, All-Music Guide

Prefab Sprout Discography (official albums):
Swoon (1984)
Steve McQueen (1985)
From Langley Park To Memphis (1988)
Protest Songs (1989)
Jordan: The Comeback (1990)
A Life Of Surprises - The Best Of (1992)
Andromeda Heights (1997)
38 Karat Collection (1999)
The Gunman And Other Stories (2001)

Paddy McAloon solo:
I Trawl The Megahertz (2003)

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