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Ultravox: Quartet

Track List:

  1. Reap The Wild Wind
  2. Serenade
  3. Mine For Life
  4. Hymn
  5. Visions In Blue
  6. When The Scream Subsides
  7. We Came To Dance
  8. Cut And Run
  9. The Song (We Go)

Album Information:

Genre: Synthesizer based pop/rock.
Produced By:
George Martin.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

Ultravox were one of the first bands to really make the connection between extensive use of synthesizers and great pop songs. Adding a rock element and not looking as good as a lot of the competition may have meant that they never received the recognition they deserved. However, when you listen to an album like "Quartet" it's obvious to see where many of the '80's pop/synth acts got their inspiration from. An inspiration which even stretches up till today, I would say. Anyway, the big singles were "Reap The Wild Wind" and "We Came To Dance" but there's not a single song here short of brilliance!

All Ultravox albums have since been remastered with additional bonus tracks.

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10): 9

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