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Comments about Radiohead:

If you really think about it, Radiohead is an ugly band. They don't look good, they don't sound nice and they never do what you expect of them, thereby never allowing you to ease your mind. This, and their immense talent, is why they have become so important to me. They have brought back the power to experiment with music without losing the melodic touch - two things that result in music you can never grow tired of. It's also remarkable that after three albums, you sense that the band is still evolving and capable of so much more. They've done nothing to promote themselves really, and so they are an example of how real quality will eventually surface and be recognized.   Le Mec

"Radiohead was one of the few alternative bands of the early '90s to draw heavily from the grandiose arena-rock that characterized U2's early albums. But the band internalized that
epic sweep, turning it inside out to tell tortured, twisted tales of angst and alienation."
Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

"Am I great at bleeding? No. To be great at bleeding, you have to be Thom Yorke, who's great at bleeding, a genius at bleeding."   Shirley Manson, lead-singer from Garbage

Radiohead Discography (official albums):
Pablo Honey (1993)
The Bends (1995)
O.K. Computer (1997)
Kid A (2000)
Amnesiac (2001)
I Might Be Wrong - live (2001)
Hail To The Thief (2003)

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