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Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys

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Track List:

  1. Soul Years
  2. King Of The Hypocrites
  3. Diamond Avenue
  4. This Little Town
  5. On Fire
  6. Heaven And Earth
  7. Love Shines
  8. Party Town
  9. Mr. Reed
  10. Fashion Bomb
  11. Jack Talking
  12. Hey Johnny
  13. The Devil's Just Been Using You
  14. Spiritual Love

Album Information:

Genre: Rock/Pop with a twist.
Produced By:
Chris Thomas & Dave Stewart.
Record Label:

Why This Album Is So Great:

This is one of the oddest albums on my Runners Up list. I'm not really that fond of Dave Stewart, and Eurythmics are but an okay band. But somehow, this album has got something I just can't get rid of. It's a pile of undefinable songs ranging from party stompers to delicate ballads and under normal circumstances, music like this probably wouldn't be nowhere near my favourite albums. But I guess here's a proof that music taste is strange sometimes. Or maybe I like this album so much just 'cos it is this strange brew of anything goes. Anyway, the hit on the album is "Love Shines", a great ballad, and besides this songs like "This Little Town", "On Fire" (fantastic in a scene in the French film "Les Nuits Fauves" - Wild Nights, that is), and "The Devil's Just Been Using You" just rise up and won't come down even though my rational self tell them to. Yes, a very strange album, this. And, if it makes you feel better, Dave Stewart more or less hasn't made anything but crap music since this album. So there you have it...!

Overall Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10):8

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