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Comments about Suede:

I am drawn to Suede and their universe and I can see why Suede have extremely devoted fans. Their music and lyrics somehow reach out and touch something very important in us: the need to describe our lives to ourselves and thereby making some kind of sense to it all. The best Suede songs take you on a journey, and five minutes later so many things have fallen into place. You can't explain why but the world just settled around you. That is irresistible class and something most bands never accomplish.    Le Mec

"Suede kick-started the Brit-pop revolution of the '90s, bringing English indie-rock pop music away from the swirling layers of shoegazing and dance-pop fusions of Madchester, and reinstating such conventions of British pop as mystique and the three-minute single."    Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

Suede Discography (official albums):
Suede (1993)
Dog Man Star (1994)
Coming Up (1996)
Sci-Fi Lullabies (B-Sides compilation) (1997)
Head Music (1999)
A New Morning (2002)
Singles (2003)

Links to Suede:
Suede official website
All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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