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Thin Lizzy

Comments about Thin Lizzy:

In my view, Thin Lizzy is the one of the proud rock bands of the '70's to have stood the test of time tbe best.  Only other band I can think of to be up there is Whitesnake, but even Whitesnake didn't have the musical genius of Phil Lynott. There is no one above or beside him when it comes to quality hard rock. And Thin Lizzy had it all. The whining yet melodic guitars and the soulful ballads that mattered. If you are new to genuine hard rock with a heavy soul twist and want to learn more, start here!      Le Mec

Thin Lizzy Discography (official albums):
Thin Lizzy (1971)
Shades Of A Blue Orphanage (1972)
Vagabonds Of The Western World (1973)
Night Life (1974)
Fighting (1975)
Jailbreak (1976)
Johnny The Fox (1976)
Bad Reputation (1977)
Live And Dangerous (1978)
Black Rose - A Rock Legend (1979)
Chinatown (1980)
Renegade (1981)
Thunder And Lightning (1983)
Life (Live) (1984)
Dedication (Compilation) (1991)

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