All Time Top 30 Artist List
The Best Music Artists From 1970 - 2005

Below you'll find a list of my all-time favourite artists.

The only criterion for an artist to be eligible for the Top 30 List, other than musical greatness, is a minimum of two released albums. Click on the artist to get more information as well as an album discography and relevant links.

Artists are listed alphabetically in groups of ten. Within each group there's no particular preference.

The Top 30 List

1 - 10
(no particular order)

The Cure
- Makes depression attractive.
Del Amitri
- Scottish melodic rock.
Duran Duran
- Ruled the 80's and still to be reckoned with today.
- A tamed machine inferno.
- The best alternative rock band at the moment.
Pet Shop Boys
- Best pop band of the last decade.
- Makes others seem so small.
- Late R.E.M. rules
The The
- This guy is so intense.
TV-2 (Danish band)
- The very essence of Danishness.

11 - 20
(no particular order)

Lloyd Cole
- Music and melancholy.
The Dandy Warhols
- Bohemian rock from the US.
Depeche Mode
- The Godfathers of synth pop.
- Very underrated, very unhip, very brilliant!
- The best Scandinavian rock around!
George Michael
- King of Pop? Forget Michael Jackson - this is the real thing. Classic.
- Neurotic indie rock from the edge of despair.
Prefab Sprout
- Delicate pop craft.
- Hailed as the founders of britpop. But they are so much more than that.
- They are still the greatest. When they play the world listens.

21 - 30
(no particular order)

Sheryl Crow
- Brought back singer-songwriter and kicked its ass.
Dire Straits

- That special Mark Knopfler sound.
- California magic.
Pink Floyd
- A classic.
Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry
- Do you know how many bands these guys have inspired?!
The Smiths/Morrissey
- Without them no britpop.
- The seventies, long hair and that piano...
Tears For Fears
- Mature pop music.
Thin Lizzy
- Cigarettes, alchohol, soul...
- Where would synth rock be without them?

Other Great Artists I Recommend:

Fiona Apple
- Dark and sensual pop music.
Better Than Ezra
- Alternative rock with U2 inspiration.
Deacon Blue
- British pop with soul feel.
The Dream Academy
- Very arty and atmospheric pop.

- American singer-songwriter rock at its best.
- Covers areas Suede haven't yet.
Jean-Jacques Goldman
- The best French artist around.
Juliana Hatfield
- Great female alternative rock/pop.
- The Duran Duran of britpop?
- The coolest and most arty kind of pop around today.
- So pathetic, but so many great songs..
Simple Minds
- I won't forget about them.
The Smashing Pumpkins
- A truly magnificent rock band.
Toad The Wet Sprocket
- R.E.M. in a less depressive mood.
The Watchmen
- Canadian rock with incredible nerve.
French female pop with immense melody and emotion.

Danish Gold - Great international Danish artists
- Meet the best of Danish rock and pop.

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