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Comments about Ultravox:

Ultravox were founders and part of the golden era of synth pop back in the early '80's. The heavy mix of synthesizers and guitars gave them a unique sound. The band was also a tight unit of four personalities which were all needed to create the magic. Once that unit started falling apart, Ultravox lost what made them so special and soon became relatively ordinary. But if you're into synth pop, do yourself the favour and dig into history and a band that really marked the '80's and influenced way beyond...   Le Mec

"Rejecting the abrasive guitars of their punk-era contemporaries in favor of lushly romantic synthesizers, Ultravox emerged as one of the primary influences on the British electro-pop movement of the early 1980s."    Jason Ankeny, All-Music Guide

Ultravox Discography (official albums):
Ultravox (1977)
Ha! Ha! Ha! (1977)
Systems Of Romance (1978)
Three Into One (Compilation) (1980)
Vienna (1980)
Rage In Eden (1981)
Quartet (1982)
Monument - The Soundtrack (1983)
Lament (1984)
The Collection (1984)
U-Vox (1986)
Rare, Volume 1 (1993)
Rare, Volume 2 (1994)
The Best Of - Centenary Collection (1997)
Extended Ultravox (1998)

Midge Ure:
The Gift (1985)
Answers To Nothing (1988)
Pure (1991)
Breathe (1996)

Links to Ultravox:
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All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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