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Clickfunnels: my review, the price, and complete guide

With the development of technology, online sales have become an activity that attracts both vendors and service providers. Easily accessible, consumers can find the products they need in just a few clicks. In addition, merchants benefit from a much larger sales area that can even cover the international market. Launched in 2014, Clickfunnels is a powerful tool that enables online businesses to increase their customers and prospects, and improve their sales system. Whether you have to sell physical, digital products or even Clickfunnel affiliation can really boost your business.

What is it really about? What are the advantages? And how to use it correctly? To help you become familiar with the software and how it works, find in this guide all the information you need.


What is Clickfunnels and what are its advantages?

Clickfunnels is a software of American origin created by Russel Brunson. It consists of using the power of sales funnels to convert visitors to a site into leads and customers. With Clickfunnels, you’ll be able to launch, sell automatically and create webinars, sales pages and sites. These allow you to publicize your products and increase your turnover. In addition, Clickfunnels is an easy-to-use tool.

Clickfunnels allows its users to load on their account different kinds of templates. You can use it as a starting point and customize them according to your theme and the product you are going to sell. To operate the software, no technical knowledge or coding skills are required. If you need assistance, you can reach Clickfunnels customer support by e-mail or via chat, which will answer you within 24 hours or 48 hours except during weekends. There is also a huge community that responds as needed to your requests for assistance.

And lately, using Clickfunnels is having the opportunity to make sales tunnels of all types. It also allows you to activate a member area to maintain good communication with subscribers, host your training, take advantage of tunnels for capturing emails and an affiliate system. It replaces a lot of tools because it also allows to create sales pages, to have an auto-responder, to create a site entirely from A to Z.

Namely that the use of Clickfunnels includes a trial period of 14 days.



How to create a Clickfunnels account?

The first step required to use Clickfunnels is to open an account. To do so, you will first have to go to and click try trial. When registering, you will need to fill in your full name, phone number, address, email, and password. When all required fields are filled in, click Create My Account Now.

Then you will need to fill in the details of your credit card and click on Active My Account Now. Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email. After reading it, click on the blue Get started with Clickfunnels her link that will take you to the Clickfunnels home page.


Try ClickFunnels for free 14 days


What are the prices?

After you have created your Clickfunnels account, you will receive a free 14-day trial. At the end of this period, the service will pay and you will have to choose between two different offers.

The first is a package of $ 97 / month.

It includes all the necessary tools to create your sales funnels. This will allow you to access 20 sales tunnels, a maximum of 100 pages and 20,000 visitors on your homepage.

The second offer is a $ 297 / month package.

It includes all Clickfunnels tools, including Actionetics and Backpack. You will also be entitled to an unlimited number of visitors. This will allow you to create the number of sales funnels and pages you want. You can imagine that the second package is a complete offer that guarantees a better efficiency of your sales funnels and a better possibility to make your business more profitable. This offer includes more things and for a bigger business.

Try ClickFunnels for free 14 days

How to create a sales funnel?

To properly meet the needs of your target customers and make your products profitable, you will need to create your own sales channel. So, enter the Funnels function and choose predefined templates or redefine your template. Then, set all the stages of your sales funnel to be functional.

It is also possible to buy in the Clickfunnel marketplace turnkey sales tunnels from major American marketers who have made millions of euros with and then import them. Just replace it with your text.

Among the different possibilities, you will have the choice between four categories of tunnels. Below are the details related to it:

Email capture funnels

Email capture tunnels consist of collecting emails. These tunnels will help you connect with your customers, visitors, and prospects. To design them, you use a plugin or use your auto-responder. There are easy solutions to connect to Clickfunnel to have a popup-up on your site like Thrive lead that allows you to capture emails or redirect to your clickfunnels capture pages

Product sales funnels

Tunnels selling products will help you know if you will be able to blow up your sales or not. Moreover, functional sales tunnels are available on Clickfunnels in the marketplace of which I spoke to you above.

Webinar funnels

These are tunnels that will allow you to track and control the inscriptions. They will also help you create complete sales funnels and offer products that meet the needs of your customers and prospects. Namely, you can use traditional webinars from which visitors will register, receive confirmation messages, and then purchase products. Otherwise, you can also choose to use auto-webinars that perform the same actions, but in an automated way.

If you do not know what a webinar is: to make it simple, you film yourself to answer all the questions that customers may ask people sign up to see your free presentation and so he enters a sales funnel or you will send an email sequence or you will sell through your sales page your product a lot more effective way of visualize with your customers. It can be programmed automatically whenever people sign up. You turn a video once and then you spin with an advertisement for example to capture prospects.

Custom funnels

Guaranteed the same benefits as the tunnels mentioned above, you can create your own custom pages. Otherwise, customers, prospects and visitors will also be able to use their own tunnels and share them with other users. This is an undeniable advantage of Clickfunnel: Sharing tunnels selling with others.

The Clickfunnels team is one of the leading marketers in the USA. It offers lots of interesting tools to become a marketing expert like this book DOTCOM SECRET offered for free (very easy to understand).


How To Build Your First Click Funnel



Try ClickFunnels for free 14 days


What is a sales page for and how to configure it?

A sales page is especially necessary to advertise your products and services and sell them in bulk. A sales page must be simple, but have a nice design. It must be able to properly value the products on display and show the goal you propose to reach the prospect.

To create an attractive sales page, simply use the different templates available on the official Clickfunnels page. You can find a wide selection of sales pages that meet your expectations. This will allow you to make orchestrated launches, automated sales tunnels, establish purchase orders, confirm orders or use upsell or additional sales that Clickfunnel offers and boosts your business. To set up your sales page, you can use different kinds of features like headline, sign image, divided separator and many more.

It just works like a Builder, a classic page builder or you take the elements (paragraph, image, optin, counter and you simply drop them on the page.) Easy to use, they allow to personalize your page and attract the attention of consumers, so do not hesitate to personalize your sales pages so that they meet the needs of your visitors.

How to track the traffic on the sales page?

Using Clickfunnels also means being able to track traffic on your different sales pages. This will allow you to know the number of people who visit your page. In fact, they will always appear at the top of every sales page. Aside from the number, a graph that highlights statistics for a specific period will also be available on each page. And to know the statistics of each split test, just click on the Split test tab.



Actionetics and Backpack: What are they?

Actionetics and Backpack are two essential tools for developing a good marketing strategy.

First, Actionetics allows you to send automatic messages to all visitors to your sales pages, so it’s an auto-responder and it will save you a subscription for that. Although these messages are automatic, they are somewhat personalized because they take into account the different actions taken by the visitors of each page.

Otherwise, Actionetics also allows you to import contacts. You can use them to generate statistics, track the evolution of your sales funnel, create lists to send broadcasts, periodic emails, and broadcasts.

As for the Backpack, it allows you to add an affiliate program without having to use other platforms. It is a very reliable tool and able to grow your sales methods. Besides, you will be able to directly add affiliate links from your sales funnel pages. Note that Backpack is a management tool that consists of setting up a commission plan adapted to your sales channel.

Again these two tools justify the price of the subscription more expensive for the second formula because they save the subscription to several other platforms to host its training and automatically send a sequence of emails for your Sales Funnel.


How to set up a purchase order on Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels offers attractive ways to establish your purchase orders. You can use the Bump Offer option, a very effective feature to attract your prospects and customers to make other purchases.

This allows you to make even more profitable sales. To set up your purchase order, you will always need to summarize the orders and their benefits. Also, dedicate special fields to get all the information about the identity and needs of your customers.

You can also illustrate the purchase order with videos, logos or photographs. And to optimize the use of the order form, Clickfunnels offers the opportunity to cross-sell. This allows you to make exclusive promotions on other products that appear in the order form and make additional sales.


What are the order confirmation pages for?

The order confirmation pages serve above all to boost your sales. Moreover, Clickfunnels devotes special pages that can be consulted by your customers. They will be able to consult their orders and check if their requests have been well processed. At the same time, they will discover other products and services that may interest them. This is a very effective way to build loyalty and offer other services that meet their needs. Otherwise, the page contains all the information about the number of products or services requested by a customer. In addition, the delivery times and the conditions of the after-sales service are also included on the page.


What should I know about payment methods?

Different kinds of payment methods are available on Clickfunnels. You can use Stripe integration, ClickBank, PayPal, WarriorPlus, InfusionSoft or JVZoo.

Otherwise, Clickfunnels also allows you to make payments in several installments. To do so, go to the sales channel and click on the edit page tab. Then add more columns and place your cursor on the + icon located in the center of the box titled Rate.

Then find the item to add and click on the pricing table and edit if necessary. To save the change, click Save. After this step, return to the order form and add in the columns the number of payments of your choice. Continue the process by accessing the product then, use stripe to add a payment several times and click on subscription. And finally, validate the change in the plan option. To see if the change has been taken into account, go back to Clickfunnels and check the order form.

Try ClickFunnels for free 14 days


How to encourage customers to buy another complementary product?

Clickfunnels allows its members to succeed at every sale by selling another complimentary product. With upsell, you will need to be able to offer another product or service that comes with the one you have already sold. If you have for example sold jeans, suggest another product like T-shirts or a matching shirt with pants. If you offer a product of good quality, there would be no reason for the customer not to buy it. Or at least he will come back to the site to finally buy it a little later. Otherwise different kinds of tips are available to help customers understand why they need to buy an associated product.

How to optimize your sales funnels?

Even if Clickfunnels gives you the opportunity to create a sales funnel, you must know how to optimize it in order to make your business profitable. As the online market continues to evolve and the various sales platforms are constantly looking for new ideas to attract as many customers as possible; you too will need to adopt marketing strategies that manage the competition. Indeed, your sales funnel is the central link in your business. It mechanizes the sale of your products and attracts many more customers and prospects. Which contributes to the increase of your turnover. To help you, Clickfunnels have a wide range of great features to use. Here are a few :

Using a visual editor

A visual editor is a tool integrated into Clickfunnels. It allows the user to design specific page layout templates. You can also find preconceived models that you can subsequently modify according to your convenience. To be able to use it, click on the gear button settings found on the menu at the top right of your account. Thanks to the use of the graphical editor, you will be able to quickly create very professional pages that allow valuing your products. So be sure to customize your page so that they make a good impression. Moreover, the use of the graphic editor does not require a knowledge of coding. You can create a nice interface after a few minutes.

The configuration of a member area

To make your sales funnel more efficient, you can set up a member area to manage your subscribers. It will be a space that will allow you to put you in direct contact with the members. To activate your member area, click on the steps menu at the top of your account homepage. Thus, a toolbar will appear on the left of the page. Then, drag your mouse at the bottom of the bar and click on the membership area option. After doing this, all configuration settings and management of your member space will be displayed. All that remains is to activate it to optimize your sales channel. Otherwise, you can also organize training seminars or learning tools according to the needs of your subscribers. It is also possible to publish videos that will allow your customers to know a little more details of the products.


Setting up email forms

It is also a sales funnel optimization tool that makes it possible to broadcast emails accessible to all users of the platform. To set it up, you will need to access the setting of your account and click on the SMS sign up menu. So, two different possibilities will be available to you. On the one hand, you can directly integrate the email form on the home page of the site. And on the other hand, you can make a configuration in popup mode so that the message appears automatically as soon as a subscriber or a new member visits the site. By using the email form, it is possible to directly purchase products or make downloads from the site. Forms can also be used to make sales announcements. As for customers, they can use it to respond to offers or register directly to the site.


Capturing email addresses

Another way to optimize your sales funnel would be to collect delivery addresses. This would allow you to have information about the names, first names and delivery addresses of your customers when they place an order on the tunnel. To do so, just make a few adjustments from the payment page. Enter the funnel step menu on your account page and click on the payment order to display the payment page. Then click on the yellow menu at the bottom of the page where a default capture page will appear. Fill out the page and click on any block while validating add new elements. When the toolbar appears on the right side of the screen, click the form tab and choose the input. Then add three fields to your capture page. For the first field, integrate your email address and make the change by clicking on it. A new panel will appear. This will allow you to recover the data you will need. For example, if you want to recover the customer’s first name, change the placeholder text that is right on the panel. Then, go back to the input and repeat the process to create another field where you will enter the name. And to retrieve the customer’s delivery address, go to input, click on the form, and select the shipping Add option. When prospects fill these fields, you will receive their data automatically.


Integration of an auto-responder

To maintain a good customer relationship, the use of an auto-responder is essential in the field of marketing. It consists of answering your customers automatically. If you choose to use the $ 97 version, you will be entitled to connect your classic auto-responder, but that will not necessarily meet your expectations.

If you choose instead the Actionetics version of $ 287, you can use a much more efficient answering machine that will allow you to create segmentations according to the needs of your customers. And if an autoresponder from another site interests you, you just need to import it to integrate it into your Clickfunnels account. To do this, enter the account menu which is on your homepage. Select an integrations submenu and a manage API integrations page will appear. Then click on the yellow add new integrations icon and include all the necessary settings to properly import your answering machine.


Improving your social media presence

Clickfunnels is a marketing lever compatible with the functions of social networks. Thanks to its originality, you can create sales funnels that can adapt to the different options of social networks like Facebook. You will be able to advertise and promote your services and products in a much broader way. By clicking on your posts, people will be able to directly access your funnel pages.


What to do in case you need help?

If this is your first time using Clickfunnels and you need help to use it properly, support is available to answer all your questions. Otherwise, there are on the internet affiliate links that allow obtaining training related to his learning. Otherwise, the technical support service is available at any time and responds after a few hours depending on the types of requests. In case of a technical problem, you will get specific answers with screenshots. This will help you to have a clearer idea of ​​how you will proceed. To know that a dynamic community of Clickfunnels users exists on Facebook.

How to make money with Clickfunnels?

Apart from propelling your business online with Clickfunnels, you can also use it to make money. Indeed, you will not necessarily need to sell products, but you can join the platform to promote its services. With an affiliate system, you can make some money.

Alternatively, it is also possible to conduct online conferences with Clickfunnels. For those who have a contact list, they can sell their products through webinars. Note that you can also jump in dropshipping on Clickfunnels. To do this, find a large niche and sell the products from the platform.



My opinion on Clickfunnels

Taking into account the different characteristics mentioned above, I would now like to give you my opinion after using Clickfunnels.

What interested me most was being able to use the platform while enjoying its all-in-one aspect. Indeed, I have already been able to try other platforms that require the purchase of a bunch of plugins to be able to work or then subscribe to a lot of different tools.

Which is not always so practical. With Clickfunnels, it’s much easier to create tunnels and manage everything from a single tool. Instead of buying a software for capturing emails, another to create the landing pages and another one to manage the space dedicated to subscribers; Clickfunnels allows you to save a lot more money. In addition, it is a very effective way to facilitate tasks.

In addition, Clickfunnels allows you to take advantage of pre-made tunnels that are made available to all users. Moreover, the marketing funnels offered are well adapted to each type of business. The big advantage is to be able to buy and share winning sales tunnels that have already have been proven to convert.

The third point I would like to mention is the possibility of sharing with other users the tunnels available. If you want to save time, you can ask a friend to share his funnels in order to modify some graphical or textual elements according to your field of activity.

In addition, using Clickfunnels means having the opportunity to know exactly the statistical data related to your sale. This allows you to grow your business. And that’s how you can come up with ideas that improve your sales.

And last but not least, Clickfunnels can integrate with other emailing and payment services. If you choose to use Clickfunnels, but you want to keep your old payment methods, you will not encounter any problems.

I am a user of this tool and I can tell you that the marketing level you will learn a lot from the biggest in the industry is incredible.

There are many resources available in English to develop your marketing resources and challenges or the best American experts boost you in your business. It’s a gold mine for you to train.

Thus, Clickfunnels is a complete tool that allows you to optimize your sales activities. Easy to use, you can handle it even if you do not have a very advanced level of English. To discover for yourself its benefits, I advise you to take advantage of the 14 days free trial and share your turn your impression. At the end of the trial period, you can decide whether you will continue to use it or opt for another software of the same kind.

Summary of user reviews

Strong points

The power of the tool
Clickfunnel is a powerful software that can give a professional look to your business. Easy to use, it can increase your turnover in a very fast way.

The possibility of choosing the subscription mode
With Clickfunnel, you can choose between two subscription modes depending on your purchasing power. Although both offers have points of difference, they convert customers to leads.

One-click use
To link Clickfunnel with other payment methods, to create a sales page or to create a purchase order, you just have to click and you’re done. Using Clickfunnel means having the opportunity to expand your sales area without wasting time.

Weak points

Learning can be complicated
Although the platform is easy to use and the interface is superb, new users still find the learning quite complicated. The language barrier is pushing back a lot of people hence the need to follow user guides.

A little bit expensive
While the most affordable offer costs $ 97 a month, some users find it a bit expensive. It’s only after discovering the features and having increased their turnover that they understand why you have to make a small investment to earn a lot.


Clickfunnels is an interesting tool in that it can help you boost your business and expand your sales area. Although it requires some investment, it allows you to convert leads into customers and sell in a much faster way. So, I hope that this guide has allowed you to know a little more about the main features of the platform and use it correctly. As I already mentioned above, you will still be able to benefit from an online helpdesk when needed. So do not be intimidated by the language, but, believe me, by using the software; you will realize that it is far from complicated.


Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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