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how to fix leptin resistance fast


If you want to learn how to fix leptin resistance fast, you must first understand what is leptin resistance and how it is effective negatively our life.  If you are in the process of losing weight, leptin resistance will be the #1 cause that you won’t be able to lose weight effectively.  Fortunately, the is a breakthrough product called Leptitox made in USA with 100% natural ingredients that is providing tremendous results to more than 160 000 men and women just like you seeking for leptin resistance treatment and medication.

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What is Leptin?

Leptin (Greek leptos, thin) sometimes called “satiety hormone” is a digestive peptide hormone that regulates fat reserves in the body and appetite by controlling the feeling of satiety. It is an anorectic hormone unlike orexigen hormones (ghrelin, cortisol).

This hormone is secreted by white adipose tissue which, in addition to its function of storage and mobilization of fatty acids, also has a very important endocrine activity1. Leptin is also secreted by other tissues such as stomach, skeletal muscle, bone marrow …

How does leptin work?

A person who pays serious attention to his nutrition and training knows some of the main hormones in the human body, such as testosterone or IGF-1. Very important molecules involved in the building of muscle mass and various metabolic processes. We can also mention melatonin which paces and promotes a good sleep.

Nevertheless, there is an equally important hormone if you want to pay attention to your health and fitness. Unfortunately, she never got the attention she deserves:

The famous leptin.

A hormone also known as “starvation hormone”, which controls (in part) our hunger and satiety.

Some nutritionists believe that leptin can play a much bigger role than any other hormone-related to physical exertion, nutrition or weight loss. Indeed, without standardized levels of satiety and hunger, it is unusually much easier for us to eat more or less, depending on the situation.

In this article, I will discuss the main functions of this hormone in our body as well as some methods to try to control it in order to make the process of weight loss much easier for everyone!

I want to teach you this hormone the hormone leptin. Leptin is the hormone that tells you your brain to burn its fat for energy you have to understand the left hand store and I think this will help in about 1994-1995 left and was discovered and they thought themselves man where you know all we have to do is give obese and people who can’t lose weight this hormone it’s going to tell their brain to burn all their fat for energy and it actually worked in the mice but what they found was is when they started testing obese in severely overweight people and people who couldn’t lose weight they actually found that they had too much left so there went there trillion-dollar idea of giving people the hormone well here is actually why you’re just like a type 2 diabetic with actually have too much insulin you can’t give them insolent the problem is it insulin resistant their body can’t their cells cannot hear the hormone and that’s exactly what happened with this hormone leptin the brain or the cells in the brain in.

how to reverse leptin resistance

Discovered in 1994 (relatively recent compared to other hormones), leptin is produced in adipose tissue (fat). It means more an individual is fat or has fat cells, more leptin is released daily in his body.

To make it very simple, leptin binds to its specific receptors in the hypothalamus (a small part of the brain). When you eat a satiating meal, leptin is produced in your adipose tissue / fat cells and is sent directly to these receptors.

An appropriate level of leptin tells your brain that you have reached satiety and that you no longer need to eat. In addition, this hormone speeds up your metabolism until all foods are digested.

Conversely, when an individual is losing weight and following a low-calorie diet, below his caloric maintenance, leptin levels that reach the brain are much lower.


This is why many are chronically hungry during a restrictive diet, this is because low levels of leptin are sent to your brain. From then on, it tells your body that it is still in need and makes you crave for more food, leading to a real binge eating.

In recent years, many have hypothesized that obese or overweight people are not just because of a positive caloric balance, but also because of a condition called leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance and weight loss

Little is known about this since leptin itself has never really been studied in the past two decades, but many believe that it is also related to insulin resistance (insulin resistance).

Nevertheless, what we know about leptin resistance is that even though overweight people produce far more leptin than those at “healthy” weight (due to greater body fat), the signals do not reach the hypothalamus (resistance) and the specific receptors.

How to resolve Leptin resistance?

supplements for leptin resistance

This explains in part that even if an individual eats a lot, his brain does not tell him to stop. As a result, overeating and metabolic slowing occur.

This is a huge problem for anyone who is losing weight. Indeed, the body is constantly hungry and always asks for more food. No matter the level of satiety! Leading to a significant weight gain and dropping the diet right after starting it.

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