Newscaster Vocalizer Review

Looking for real Newscaster Vocalizer Reviews? This is a real Newscaster Vocalizer review because I have bought the software and use it on a daily basis.  I own a digital marketing agency.  I use it to create voice-over for my client’s videos and I use it even more to create product review videos.

There are so many different applications to that powerful software, I have just started to scratch the surface of the opportunities.

What Is Newscaster Vocalizer?

Newscaster Vocalizer is state of the art advanced Text-to-Speech cloud-based software.  You can create natural-sounding male and female voices from a text file or directly from the text editor in the web app.

There are multiple languages available and you can control the pitch, the rate, the volume, add breath, add pauses and you have 3 modes to adjust the emphasis (reduced, moderate, Strong).


NewsCaster Vocalizer Demo

Here is a NewsCaster Vocalizer Demo, a full overview of the software.  I go over every section of the member area so you can see what it is all about.  In this NewsCaster Vocalizer Demo, I haven’t tested every single feature but you can see easily how powerful the app is and the potential.



The reason behind Newscaster Vocalizer?

Having to hire a voice-over artist cost an arm and a leg.  Imagine that you’re a digital marketer and you create videos for your clients and for your own business, you will pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to get all these voiceovers done by a professional.

With this breakthrough software, you’ll save a ton of money and you’ll make money (see below).

This software is the most advanced that I ever used.  I have tested multiple ones and this APP is 100% the best one so far.


Who is the NewscasterVocalizer for?

  • The marketing agencies that are creating videos for clients
  • Internet marketers that are creating product reviews videos
  • Anyone that wants to make money online.  This is a powerfull to that can generate you money on demand.



What languages are available in the NewscasterVocalizer app?

There are a total of 28 languages and accent that you can create voiceovers from.  This is absolutely amazing.  When everybody is focusing on English, you create video and target the rest of the world.  (competition free and easy money).  Here is the list of languages available.

  1. English (US)
  2. English (Australian)
  3. English (British)
  4. English (Indian)
  5. English (Welsh)
  6. Chinese, Mandarin
  7. Danish
  8. Dutch
  9. French
  10. French (Canadian)
  11. German
  12. Hindi
  13. Icelandic
  14. Italian
  15. Japanese
  16. Korean
  17. Norwegian
  18. Polish
  19. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  20. Portuguese (European)
  21. Romanian
  22. Russian
  23. Spanish
  24. Spanish (Latin American)
  25. Spanish, Mexican
  26. Swedish
  27. Turkish
  28. Welsh

What languages are available for AI auto-translation?

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese (Simplified)
  3. Chinese (Traditional)
  4. Czech
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. English
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Hebrew
  12. Hindi
  13. Indonesian
  14. Italian
  15. Japanese
  16. Korean
  17. Malay
  18. Norwegian
  19. Persian
  20. Polish
  21. Portuguese
  22. Russian
  23. Spanish
  24. Swedish
  25. Turkish

How you can make money with Newscaster Vocalizer

  • Sell voice over to clients of your marketing agency
  • sell voice over on FIVERR
  • sell voice over on Upwork
  • create your own voice over on your youtube channel, get more views and generate more money from your channel
  • create audiobooks and sell them on kindle
  • create audiobooks and sell them on your own website
  • You can create a sub-account for your VA and let him make the voiceover and you collect the money
  • Create a bunch of video a monetize a youtube channel
  • Create an online course and sell it

The Pros

  • You have a huge list of languages in which you can create voiceovers  (see the list below)
  • You can connect your account to Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive to backup your voiceovers
  • You can adjust almost anything from the voiceover to make it sound like you want (no other software does that)
  • the price is ridiculously low for a software that powerful
  • there is a built-in translation system to translate your text into the 25 languages above
  • you have the ability to create sub-accounts (clients or Virtual Assitance)
  • you have a ton of voice-over artists to choose from.  Each one has a sample to test before using it.
  • pretty straightforward and user-friendly interface.  The first time I used it without going through the training
  • the training section is pretty solid.  You have everything you need to completely master the web-based TTS app
  • You get the developper licencse.  This means that you can use it for you and your clients.


comercial license newscastervocalizer app

The Cons

  • the user interface could be improved, in other words, it is ugly.  I don’t like it.
  • When you translate a text, you lose the original one.  So you must create 2 separate voiceovers (it’s a bit confusing at first)
  • the voice over the file is only kept in the cloud for 48 hours.  So if you don’t pay attention to this you might lose some important data.


What is different about Newscaster Vocalizer?

I this what’s separate this text-to-speech app from its competitors is that it is extremely affordable and the level of customization for a voiceover is beyond expectation.  It is truly an advanced technology for almost nothing.


What is the guarantee of Newscaster Vocalizer?

You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Basically you have 30 days to test the software and if you’re not happy, you can ask for a refund and there will be no questions asked. You’re fully protected by their no-questions-asked because they are extremely confident you’ll love newscaster vocalizer they will let you take it for a full test drive and if you’re not fully satisfied for whatever reason just contact them for a refund.


How much is the newscasterVocalizer?

The newscaster vocalizer is going to give you an unfair advantage over your competition grab your access to newscaster vocalizer today at a massive discount price.

It is currently on sale but for a limited time.  I don’t know for how long.    To be honest, it’s an absolute no brainer at this price.  Click the button below to grab your copy before they increase the price.













NewscasterVocalizer Review : Info about the software

A ton of information about the software if you want to read more and haven’t made up your mind

All voices in this video where generated by newscaster vocalizer software I’m about to show you amazing an absolutely revolutionary neurotechnology which not only delivers massive improvements in speech quality but it increases naturalist and expressiveness which are the two key factors in creating lifelike speech that is getting closer than ever to human voices not only that while quality is very important what about style human years can tell the difference between a newscast a sportscast an aeration and so on human spokespersons adopt the right style of speech for the right context which is critical to getting their message across so let me ask you two quick questions have you ever seen a newscast video on major media website which consisted of just slowly moving images and voice-over text.

NewscasterVocalizer on Youtube

have you ever seen a YouTube video with a massive number of views which adjust the YouTubers voice-over with images animated just with pan and zoom if you answer yes to any of those questions you already know how powerful such videos are CNN Fox News BBC Mashable and countless popular websites blogs and YouTube Stars Drive massive number of views and traffic from those super simple videos what makes all the difference is voiceover in the fact that they can produce significant number of those videos while a simple video with just pan and zoom of images is super easy to make the need to pay a newscaster spokesperson for a large number of videos makes it prohibitively expensive top media can afford that and YouTube Stars use on voice where it leads you if you are a native speaker of the language you make video in you can voice over videos by yourself but it would take a ton of time you could use for more productive things.

NewscasterVocalizer : Any Language

if you do not speak the language you want to make a video in where you want your video to be produced in multiple languages to maximize views and traffic you are out of luck with expensive spokespersons today I’m going to share with you new software called newscaster vocalizer which we’ve been working on for the good part of the Year newscaster vocalizer is a new first-of-its-kind groundbreaking app which allows you to generate fully-featured newscaster neural network 10 traditional voice overs newscaster vocalizer is able to generate realistic sounding human-like newscaster + it includes all-new neural voices just recently released by Amazon poly newscaster service newscaster vocalizer is the very first Apple released to the market which is taking full advantage of that amazing technology and now for the very first time ever you can have not only the world’s most natural neural voice-over generated automatically with unheard before realism but also there are newscaster style voices which finally open.

NewscasterVocalizer if Powerful

Melody to make newscastervocolizer videos to everybody on top of all that you get a large number of Alexa like quality voices the generated voices are so natural that it is really hard to say if the voice belongs to a human voice over artist or was generated by newscastervocalizer Amazon is already working directly with USA Today in Canada’s the globe and mail come on the number of other companies to help them voice their text with that new revolutionary technology thanks to Amazon poly newscaster their readers don’t have to read but can hear the news and other information all that is good for top media websites but until now you could not get access to that groundbreaking Tech that is changing today you are no longer Left Behind the media Giants or YouTube stars with a massive number of views also while newscaster vocalizer makes amazing newscaster voice overs with unheard before realistic and engaging sound it does not stop there.


NewscasterVocalizer Reviews Online

it also delivers the entire set of brand new voices available through just released new revolutionary Amazon neural text-to-speech engine at the time when this video is created there are no any videos apps which allow you to get direct access to voice is generated using Amazon Polly newscaster in their new text-to-speech engine newscaster vocalizer is an open export voice-over platform which allows you to exploit your voice overs to use in any videos app it can automatically store your created voice overs into your Dropbox Google Drive and Amazon S3 plus you can also download a voiceover directly to your computer newscaster vocalizer provides a wide selection of natural-sounding male and female voices newscaster vocalizers natural pronunciation of text enables you to deliver high-quality voice out perfect for sales letters explainer videos video ads affiliate video reviews and any other videos.

here’s how easy newscastervocalizer is to use step one select the language in Boise want to use step to paste your text step 3 click the create button that’s it those three steps will have you creating your next amazing voice over in seconds and the best part with the included commercial license you can not only create voice-overs for yourself but you can use them in videos you create for your clients and even sell voiceovers directly and keep 100% of the profits imagine taking just seconds to create those voice-overs for your potential clients will becoming a freelancer and start selling them on popular sites like Fiverr or

NewscasterVocalizer is Couded based

newscastervocalizer is a cloud-based tool that means you don’t have to install it you don’t have to download it and as you just saw all you’ve got to do is select the language invoice paste the text click a button and it’s done now I’m sure you’re wondering how great those voices sound so let’s Jump Right In and hear some of them in this short demo you will hear a few examples of English language voices hello my name is Sandra and I will be your house today please follow me to the meeting room where our team is already awaiting your arrival has been delegated to introduce you to the project please listen to these instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have my name is Elsa and I am here to provide you with the best experience possible.

operating system questions or concerns last year we worked together on the project which turned out to be a great success I hope that this new Endeavor will be equally satisfying for both of us hello my name is Karen and I am a project manager I hope you will find our cooperation both rewarding and stimulating welcome my name is Tara and on behalf of our company I would like to welcome you at our brand new headquarters I am sure it will fulfill all your expectations High its Mark here I would like to introduce you to our new offer I am sure that after hearing what I am about to say you will jump at this amazing opportunity I’m happy to be the first one to welcome you at the opening of this brand new Conference Center please join me for the presentation that starts in 15 minutes at the Grand Hall.

NewscasterVocalizer Business Market

15 minutes I will tell you all you need to know about our local business Market I enjoy all sports but baseball and Lacrosse are my specialty as you just heard those voices sound very natural to the point that it is hard to say that they were not recorded by a human voice over artist so now you can finally stop paying big money to voice-over actors over and over again you can use voice overs for yourself in videos you create for your clients and even sell voiceovers directly and keep 100% of the profits will even give you the ability to automatically store voice overs into your Dropbox Google Drive Amazon S3 and even download them to your computer plus step by step tutorial so you’ll never get lost and last but not least we’ll give you access to our closed-door community of thousands of video creators just like yourself to help you get feedback and get access to like-minded users.


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