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10 tips to lose weight effectively

Do you have a few extra pounds? Losing weight is no easy task! Our pace of life, the lack of time or motivation and the many temptations are all obstacles to overcome before reaching your goal. But today is the best time to get serious about it. Forget the "miracle recipes" and instead aim for the ...

Lose Weight With Weight Loss Supplements

Should you take dietary supplements and vitamins or not? The majority of us don't eat enough fruits and vegetables: should you take weight loss supplements to avoid these deficiencies?  Why take food supplements and vitamins? It is often thought that if you eat in a way that avoids ...

Intermittent fasting: healthy without eating

Three meals a day, interspersed with three snacks, seven days a week. This is what we have always been advised to do, so it is the best for health. But what if it were otherwise, especially when you are overweight or obese? Light on intermittent fasting and its possible effects on health, a ...

How to run for weight loss: 7 easy tips

7 tips to lose weight and lose weight with running (lose 3 pounds, 5 pounds or 10 pounds)Running or running is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to lose weight (lose your extra pounds) or to maintain your weight and stay healthy.Practiced as a slimming aid, practicing a sport ...

When you reach a plateau in your weight loss process

It very often happens that people well engaged in their transformation and their weight loss are confronted with a plateau in their evolution.By that I mean that despite all their efforts and the fact that they respect their planning, they no longer lose weight as before.It is not ...

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