In-Depth Underestimated By Kelly Felix Review

In this In-Depth Underestimated Kelly Felix review you get an overview of exactly what the system is and if you should invest in it or not.

What is Underestimated By Kelly Felix?

Underestimated by Kelly Felix is a step-by-step blueprint on how to create a successful business by creating an info-product also called digital products.  It is a complete and detailed walkthrough from A to Z.


Why Is Kelly Felix Credible?


Kelly Felix

He when from 0 to $50 million in sales with only one info-product, a 19-page guide teaching how to repair bad credit called “Credit Secrets”. He had to hire a team of 20 people to handle the sales because at some point he made $4 million in 1 month by leveraging the power of Facebook ads.

proof of income By Kelly Felix


What you will learn inside of Underestimated By Kelly Felix?

He will reveal the behind-the-scenes access where you will learn how he went step by step from 0 to $50 000 000 with 1 single info-product.  But not only that, but he will also teach how to create a brand new business with 3 different info-products in 3 different industries (debt, Bizz Opportunities and Investing), all LIVE.

  • how to create an info-product from scratch
  • how to build a high-converting website
  • how to promote your info-product with profitable ads
  • The ins and outs of what a real selling machine looks like
  • How to create the perfect combination between the sales page, the CTA (call-to-action), the pricing, adding bonuses, the upsells and much more.
  • You’ll get access to private tips and strategies from top earners (7 figures per month) in this industry such as Kevin David and John Crestani.


How is the Underestimated By Kelly Felix is structured?

  • Part 1:  is a series of videos where you will learn exactly how he scaled the digital guide “Credit Secrets” all the way up to $50 millions. All the trial and errors and all the lessons he learned from this journey.
  • Part 2: This is a weekly video series where you’ll get all the details regarding the creation of the 3 new digital products step-by-step (website, funnels, ads, etc.)  This ongoing weekly training will be in real-time.
  • Bonus # 1: Recommendations from the famous Dan Kennedy (8 hours of private tips and personal notes).
  • Bonus # 2: Other golden nuggets from leaders in the media industry.
  • Bonus # 3: A secret strategy to drive traffic to your offer with literally ZERO investment.
  • Bonus # 4: Access to video sessions where you’ll be able to ask him anything ( about the journey, about your own idea, recommendations, etc).  Answers will be live!
  • Bonus # 5: A private access to his ROLODEX of (video creation, voice-over, copywriting, programming, graphic designers, web designers). You’ll skip all the BS by using the same system he is using.


How much is the Underestimated Kelly Felix training?

There 2 options, to get your hands on that all-in-one training.

  • Option 1: You pay only $97 per month and you’ll get access to everything mentioned above.
  • Option 2: You a SINGLE payment of $297 to get Lifetime Acess to everything. (best value deal)



If you are looking for the perfect blueprint to online success, then this program is for you.  You’ll get to learn from one of the top earners in internet marketing.  It’s like having your own mentor.  You can grab the monthly plan if you want to test it out but if you want to save money then the lifetime access will be the best option.  Click the button below to visit the official page where you’ll be able to select the plan of your choice.

Don’t Delay because this is a brand new training and the price will go up one the official launch is overTake action, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity at such a low price.

PS: The official website is really basic but I think it is a strategy from him to see who will be serious enough to see the opportunity and take action.  Then I’ll be sure I’ll be only working with the best.










Below General information on how the general digital product is created

One of the biggest challenges for those who work in the digital market is to master the promotion of this product via the internet.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to have created a very high-quality online course to successfully sell to the world. You can indeed have developed the best course in the world, if no one knows that your course is good, you will not sell it. You will need to know the best strategies to promote it and attract your next students.

What are the fundamental points that you need to be aware of?

Sales page
Your sales page is often the first contact of your lead with your product. As a result, you must ensure that your experience is the best you can.

To do this, you will have to make very clear what you are selling.

For example, some users still have trouble understanding that the digital product is made available via the Internet and imagine that they will receive a physical product, by mail.

In general, express clearly what you offer and what your product contains. Wondering how you can do that? Here are our tracks:

By providing accurate information

A good sales page is one that answers all the questions and objections of your customer. For online courses, for example, the user will feel confident to make the purchase if he understands all the benefits to which he will be entitled in case of acquisition of the product.

To do this, your description should not contain only the general theme of your course, but enter in detail about the number of modules and what will be treated by each of them, what are the readings or additional materials to which the lead will be entitled, if the course offers interactive resources, such as tests, chat with teachers, among others.

Be attentive to your visitors

Always put yourself in your persona’s place. The persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client. Created from a careful analysis of your business, as well as based on market research.

We have already spoken several times about the construction of the persona in this blog. If this term is not clear to you, do not hesitate to refer to previous articles, or to ask us a question in comment of this post 😉

In practice, your mission is to create texts that generate empathy in the reader, arousing his interest in your offer. Take the time to know your audience, find out what their usual problems are and how you and your product can help.

Banking on Copywriting Techniques

Copywriting is the art of convincing your lead to perform any action on your site, such as, for example, acquire the product you are promoting.

A good copy is the one that convinces the public to click on your offer, whether by arousing curiosity, bringing something intuitive, showing off a problem or creating a solution.

In short: the language of your sales page must be in line with your offer and the interests of your persona. If your person feels concerned by what you say, you will have much more to convert your lead, on sale!

Choose images that exert an attraction

Like copy, visual identity is critical to the performance of your sales page. Only some entrepreneurs know that the choice of images is not exclusively based on aesthetic criteria. A good image must be functional and able to convey the main message of your ad or page, as if it were an addition to your text. In the case of the digital product market, it is also important to have an image that materializes the product in the eyes of the user.

If the product you are selling is an online course, what do you think about using the image of someone reading on a tablet with the logo of your course for example?

So you will focus on two qualities of your product: ease of access and the fact that the buyer can access this product whenever he wants.

9 Total Score

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