What to do in case of diabetes or hypoglycemia?



Diabetes is a disease characterized by the body’s inability to maintain a stable blood sugar level. It is often when the sugar level is too low (hypoglycemia) that people with diabetes do not feel well.




Symptoms of a hypoglycemia attack


  • Altered level of consciousness;
  • Sweat ;
  • Rapid, shallow breathing;
  • Weak and rapid pulse;
  • Trembling;
  • Weakness ;
  • Anguish;
  • Nausea;
  • Headache.


How to react?


  • Call the emergency services (see our form S-A-M-P-L-E);
  • For an unconscious victim, watch their vital signs and place them in the lateral safety position;
  • For a conscious victim, help them take their medication or a sugary food such as fruit juice, chocolate or even a sugar cube;
  • Help the victim have their blood sugar test and advise them to see a doctor.



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